Our Services


a. Company Formation

LEED & ASSOCIATES supports local business and foreign investors to set up corporate presence in Tanzania, prepare partnership agreements, contracts, conduct negotiations, and other related company matter.

b. Corporate Restructuring

LEED & ASSOCIATES advises and guides companies undergoing corporate re-organization for the purpose of listing in local stock market and otherwise raising funds locally and internationally.

c. Intellectual Property Law

The firm has experience in acting as trade mark and patents agent; attend to registration formalities of trademarks, service marks, patents, brands, copying rights etc. We also carry out trade mark searches and registrations with the local and international authorities.

d. Corporate Statutory and Business Support Service

LEED & ASSOCIATES provides a full range of corporate, statutory and administrative business support services to retainer clients, who require us to act as their corporate secretaries. Service include the preparation and filling of all statutory returns with the Registrar of Companies, attending Board and Shareholders’ Meeting, taking record of proceedings, keeping and updating all statutory books, securing necessary permits, licences and authorizations required to enable corporate entities to carry on their business in Tanzania.

e. Legal Advice to Banks and Financial Institutions:

As legal counsels to Banks and Financial institutions, the firm undertakes appropriate legal due diligence on the borrowers and provides legal opinion on their suitability as corporate entities to borrow and to issue enforceability of security provided. The firm also provides service to its clients in the various forms of financing including drawing of security documentation and agreements for debt swaps, syndicated and single lender loan documents, securization of assets and all other ancillary legal issues arising out of or in connection with financial transactions. The firm has also handled several cases on recovery of debts.

f. Tax Law

The firm generally advises clients in respect of all aspects of tax law, VAT, stamp duty and other taxes. It also handles litigation arising from or relating to tax matters.

g. Insurance Matters

The firm generally advises clients on insurance matters, such as suitable policies, attends claims and handles litigation on insurance related matters.

h. Receiverships/Liquidations

LEED & ASSOCIATES provides full service covering company restructuring, receivership, administrations liquidation and debt recovery. We also advise clients on matter of drafting of security documentation and realization, contractual arrangements between debtors and creditors and sale of assets.


a. Property

Our firm offers legal advice on property management by drafting and giving expert advice on tenancy agreements, rent collection and attending to tenancy litigations.

b. Real Estate

LEED & ASSOCIATES is full involved in drawing up conveyancing documentations, attends to all requisite registration of mortgages and other securities.


The Firm advise clients on labour matters. Our clients include employers, would be investors both in the private and public sectors, corporations and purchasers of assets of companies in receivership/liquidation. Specifically the firm engages in drawing up employment contracts in line with Tanzania labour laws, preparation and/or review o employment manuals and policies, institution of disciplinary measures, termination of contracts of employment, redundancies/retrenchments, processing work permits for foreign employees etc.

The firm also assists in mediating employment disputes and defending labour cases instituted by employees against the clients.

Family Law, Probate and Wills

The firm gives advice and involves itself in litigation of family law related matters such as divorce, maintenance, probate and administration of estates.

Criminal Law

The firm gives advice and involves itself in litigation of family law related matters such as divorce, The firm advises clients both individuals and corporate bodies, on matters of criminal nature. We also represent and attend criminal proceedings courts of law.

Environmental law

The firm is also dealing with matters concerning environment conservation.

Litigation, Debt Collection and Insolvency

a. Litigation

The litigation department specializes in court work and arbitration with a deliberate bias towards corporate and commercial contentious matters. The partners have vast experiences in adopting the most suitable and effective action to protect their clients’ interest, including taking urgent action to obtain and/or resist pre-emption injunctive orders. The firm also provides the necessary guidance for out of court settlements. All partners are members of the bar and have right of audience in the High Court of Tanzania and the Court of Appeal of Tanzania. Our experience of litigation enables us to warn our clients of the dangers of potential disputes, so as to avert or at least to minimize the risks.

b. Insolvency

We provide full service covering restructuring receivership, administration liquidation and debt recovery. We also advise on the drafting of security documentation, the realization of security, contractual arrangements between debtors and creditors, and the sale of assets. Retention of title and other devices to protect against a debtors’ insolvency are regularly constructed for clients. Our clients also make use of our services in finding and recovering misappropriated assets.

Legal Consultancy

The firm provides general legal consultancy to both individual and business organizations.